Glaux Cleaning Company is founded by Andrew and Nicole. They live in Fort Bragg, California.

Nicole and I were both working in jobs that we truly disliked. We came home at different hours of the day and night, got called in when others could not make it to work, and came home truly displeased with where we were at, pertaining to our career choices. We finally both decided and made a pact to quit our jobs and pursue something together that we could both do, and enjoy doing. We spent a week or three considering options and weighing ideas, looking at companies in comparison to geographic locations, considered moving to Alaska, Norway, Oregon, and Ireland. One day, I said finally, "We need to clean the house, we have not left in two days.", to which we both laughed. We started cleaning, and we were done in a few hours. It sort of hit us both simultaneously, that we can clean well and that we could be successful at offering a service to others. More research began to take place and we were spending time together laughing, and not at cat videos on Youtube that once distracted us, mostly me, earlier. We made lists, prioritized, organized, and our "To-Do List" finally became meaningful and we were knocking them off day-by-day. It was really a building process and a great way to make a partnership with my partner. 

Alas, the time arrived where we had to choose a business name. Nicole, with her brilliance, somehow found a website that correlated to the Greek goddess Athena(the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, and a slew of other great attributes), and her notorious Owl, named simply "Glaux"  (pronounced as "Glow").  We both smiled at each other and decided that was the name of the company. It had what we both liked; an owl reference that made sense with our story; and a name that gave a sense of cleanliness and what you would expect from the result of using our services, a Glauxing space. 

So, why should you use us?  One reason is that we are not forcing you. But, we all like a clean space to work or live in, and sometimes you do not want to be the one to clean it. So hire us, and we will do the work for you. Giving the attention and detail to all areas, even ones you may miss at times. We are extremely flexible with your requests; you can choose when and where you want the service(s) done. You can make a cleaning to-do list literally online, and we can start knocking them off your list as soon as you want. From one time cleanings, to bi-monthly cleanings, just by checking a box. We are local. We are honest. We have time. We are drug/alcohol free. We are an awesome couple. We like stuff and things. We have a sense of humour, and professionalism. We like to help. You can use our help, or know of someone who can benefit from our service.. We can help them too. 

-Andrew and Nicole